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Whole-Home Surge Protection

Surge Protection: What is it, and do I need it?

A power surge or spike is an increase in voltage that rises above the normal voltage level. If the voltage rises above the 120/140 there is going to be a problem, and a surge protector helps to prevent that problem by their diverting the extra electricity to the ground or by sacrificing itself before it is able to harm any appliances or devices in your home.

Benefits of choosing Excel Electric to install your whole home surge protection:

  •  $25,000 connected equipment warranty

Lighting and transient voltage spikes can damage appliances and devices in the home. Some of the most common things affected are smoke detectors, alarm systems, microwaves, cook tops, ovens, computers, air conditioning systems, anything with small electronics inside of it are susceptible to surges.

There are 3 types or classes of surge protection:

  • Type 1: Goes at the location of your electrical service and is the first line of defense from incoming surges from utility sources
  • Type 2: Will be installed inside the main panel of the home or on the actual appliance; this is the second line of defense from utility surges
  • Type 3: A power strip that is most likely used for plugging in all your computer equipment or TV equipment.

There are also surge protectors that connect to the cable and phone lines as well. We have also seen many cases where surges and lightning strikes have come in through the low voltage wiring of the home and have affected the electronics connected to them. The more quick paths to ground your home’s electricity has, the more protection you will have. You will never be relying on just one device because surges can enter the home from a different location, especially with lighting strikes.

If you have a complex Lutron or Crestron lighting system, wolf range, high-efficiency AC equipment, or any high-end appliances or equipment, it is important that you are protected from all angles. Most surge protectors come with connected equipment warranty and will exclude any items that have a phone or cable line connected to them unless you have a cable and phone surge protector as well.

Florida storms are a real concern you may want to consider having at least one of these surge protectors installed. Excel Electric’s choice of surge protection are Sycom products. We have found they offer one of the highest warranties, and you can actually talk to a real person about what their warranty covers and what it does not. Another reason we chose them is because when we do large custom home builds, we can personally talk to one of their engineers, and design the entire surge protection system with them.

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