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Smoke & CO Detector Installation

Every South Florida homeowner should make sure their house is equipped with the proper smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors to keep your family safe from potentially deadly hazards. Plus, most areas in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding counties requires these protections for code compliance.

At Excel Electric, our premier electrical service contractors offer you all the smoke and carbon CO detector installation services you need to integrate these devices into your home’s electrical system. With the newest wired smoke detector systems out there today, you don’t need to worry about constantly checking or replacing the batteries. Many insurance companies are now requiring CO detectors to be installed in the home for certain coverages.

Our smoke and CO detectors installation services will also cover the wire-in with battery back-up combination CO smoke alarms that feature a voice warning system to announce fire hazard, carbon monoxide danger or low backup batteries, accordingly.

Features of Our Smoke & CO Detector Installation

Through our fully-insured electrical services, our electricians with several years of fire and CO safety experience will give you smoke and CO detector installation services with these features:

  • Custom-made, reasonable quotes based on your unique home
  • Latest and greatest in smoke and CO detector tools and equipment
  • Scheduled maintenance services for all your detectors to ensure efficiency
  • Array of smoke and CO detector brand selections appropriate for your home

Benefits of Smoke & CO Detector Installation

Our smoke and CO detector specialists at Excel Electric are determined to deliver you the following benefits when our installation services are done:

  • Peace of mind that your family will be safe from fire hazards and poisonous CO in your home at all times
  • CO detectors that warn you of the deadly and invisible gas leaking into your home with plenty of time for your family time to evacuate
  • Wired smoke detectors that never need the batteries to be checked
  • Insurance that will cover you because you have CO detection devices
  • Smoke and CO alarms that will function even when power is lost

Call Excel Electric today for all of your smoke and CO detector installation needs in Palm Beach Gardens!