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Electrical Rewiring Services

Our licensed and insured electrical service contractors at Excel Electric provide all the rewiring services you need to improve the energy efficiency and capability of the entire electrical system in your home. Older homes’ electrical wiring systems are often not equipped to keep pace with the demanding requirements of today’s appliances. Circumstances like this could cause some serious safety risk to your home and your family.

We suggest staying on the lookout for the following problems that may mean that your home needs whole or partial rewiring to stay code compliant and safe:

  • Consistently flickering lights that don’t quit
  • Fuse boxes or circuit breakers that consistent trip
  • Electrical outlets and switches that are making weird buzzing noises
  • Broken or visible burnt outlets and switches
  • Electricity isn’t reaching certain areas in your home or on your property

Don’t live with mediocre electrical performance in your home. Wiring issues can cause your appliances to have shorter lifespans and even place your home at risk of electrical fires. Over 40,000 electrical fires happen in the U.S. alone every year, but you can prevent these disasters with licensed rewiring service.

When is it Time to Rewire Your Home?

Consult with our premier electrical service contractors at Excel Electric to take the proper precautionary steps to upgrade your wiring system safely. By rewiring your home up to modern standards, your electrical system will be better equipped to handle all the modern day, power-demanding appliances in your home, like flat screen TVs. If you live in a home built before 1989 or a home that you know or suspect has aluminum connectors, call for a consultation today!

Especially if you’re planning a home renovation or remodel, we recommend rewiring your electrical system while you’re at it to keep up with modern times and technology. Our professional electricians have banked years of rewiring experience in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding counties to know what it takes to complete these kinds of projects successfully.

Benefits of our Rewiring Services

After our trained electricians at Excel Electric are done modernizing your wiring system, get ready to enjoy the following benefits!:

  • Secured family safety with a more efficient and reliable wiring system in your home
  • Increased electrical capacity to more efficiently host a variety of electronic appliances in your home
  • Peace of mind knowing that your entire wiring system meets all the necessary codes

The Problem with Aluminum Wiring

Because the price of copper has risen, the use of aluminum wiring has become popular to sustain an energy-efficient home. Aluminum weighs less, costs less, and has higher conductivity than copper. However, in some cases this less expensive alternative can pose a risk to your home’s safety! Make sure you always have a professional installing your electrical wiring — if at any point your home’s wiring system was adjusted by an unlicensed electrician, you should call to have Excel take a look.

Contact our licensed and insured contractors at Excel Electric today to fill any rewiring services you need in Palm Beach Gardens and beyond!