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The Importance of a Code Compliance Inspection from a Residential Electrician in Palm Beach Gardens FL

Electrical inspection by Excel Electric in Florida
March 9, 2016

Choosing a residential electrician in Palm Beach Gardens requires more than finding an experienced professional. You should always be sure the company is code compliant. There are many advantages to a code-compliant inspection, which is not limited to safety and fire prevention. Such an inspection is important because it follows national standards and guidelines, such as:

  • The National Electric Code (NEC): A complete set of requirements for wiring, equipment, and other electrical components in buildings. Reviewed/revised every three years, this code is kept current with the latest insight and technology from the National Fire Protection Association. Standards include guidelines for estimation, design, and installation. Contractors must follow these to stay compliant.
  • National Electrical Installation Standards: These detail the workmanship that goes into installing electrical parts and systems. Published by the NECA based on procedures accredited by the ANSI, the standards extend past what the NEC requires for safety. They are a set of expectations for engineers, building owners, electrical contractors, and local authorities.

There are building regulation and inspection standards as well related to electrical installation. An inspection must be code-compliant in order to adhere to safety regulations and quality expectations. You’ll also want this to be the case so electrical panels are installed correctly, or any code issues in your building can be found and corrected per the latest updates.

Work with a Code Compliant, Competent Professional

A residential electrician in Palm Beach Gardens also knows how to price equipment and service based on property size and the number of electrical fixtures. That comes in handy for customers looking for reasonable costs and consistency. Other reasons you benefit from a code-compliant inspection include a contractor helping to prepare your home to pass an official check. Contractors will correct code violations before you are fined for them.

Code compliancy is also an advantage because an electrician can properly address any problems with an electrical panel. Peace of mind comes with safety, efficiency, and compliancy. Homeowners thinking of selling also need to be compliant with the latest codes. An inspector can be a big help with this step if they understand the latest regulations.

We Are Your Local Residential Electrician in Palm Beach Gardens FL

If you receive a code-compliant inspection from a residential electrician in Palm Beach Gardens, you are more assured the parts and service are of high quality. If you are looking for an electrical inspection or troubleshooting of any kind, contact Excel Electric today. A technician up on the latest standards and regulations will check for any issues and update your electrical system if necessary.