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Portable Generator Installation

So you have bought a new portable generator and you want to have it connected to your homes electrical system while the price is always a concern it should not be the determining factor when choosing the right licensed electrical contractor.

Don’t put a price on your family. Get your portable generator hooked up to your home the safe way, the right way.

Hooking up a portable gasoline to your homes electrical system for emergencies is one of the most cost effective ways to ensure that you and your family will not be without power during inevitable outages.


Benefits of Choosing Excel Electric:

  • Safety – we will install your generator interlock kit the right way so no one can get hurt
  • Load management of the whole home -don’t settle for what the big box stores sell you or you could be limited to essential circuits needed for your family’s comfort
  • Up Front Pricing


Here are some things to look out for when choosing the right licensed electrical contractor to do the job:


Installing a separate transfer switch

It can be expensive to install a separate transfer switch to divert incoming power while this is not the wrong way there is a smarter more cost effective way. A generator interlock kit can accomplish the same end result as a separate transfer switch, the difference is an interlock kit installs directly to your existing panels or the main disconnect eliminating the need to purchase and install a separate transfer switch. Not only does this save time it also is less labor which means less cost to you the customer. Interlock kits are code compliant and UL Listed, so before you go installing some huge piece of electrical gear to your home, call us and find out what is the best solution for your family.


Installing a 30 amp outlet and plugging in your generator using a cord with 2 male end connections

There is a safe way to hook up your generator and dangerous way. When you use a regular 30 amp outlet under the panel to back feed your electrical system you run the risk someone getting seriously injured if not killed. You want to make sure that who ever is installing this has you and your families safety in mind. By using only twist lock connections in addition with a generator power inlet, you can rest assured that no one will do the wrong thing at the wrong time and get hurt, there’s a reason the other way is cheaper and it’s because it is dangerous.

Please call Excel Electric today for high-quality portable generator installation!