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Ask a Palm Beach Gardens, FL Electrician: How Can I Be More Efficient?

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August 17, 2015

Looking for a Palm Beach Gardens, FL Electrician? Living in an area of the country where most of your time should be spent outside and enjoying the nice weather, you deserve to have a reliable electrician on call to make sure you keep up to speed with the electrical needs of your home.

Our licensed and insured electricians at Excel Electric provide you with all the electrical services you need to keep your electrical system efficient. Our pros have the knowledge and experience to make sure your family is safe and happy with all your modern amenities functioning properly with just the right amount of energy supplied.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL Electrician: How Can I Be More Efficient?

Ask a Palm Beach Gardens, FL Electrician: How Can I Be More Efficient?

So this begs the question: How can I run a more energy efficient household? Straight from the mouths of our expert electricians, here are some pointers to reduce your home’s energy consumption to help the environment and your wallet:

  • Check your home for leaks in your doors, windows, ducts, and hot water pipes.
  • Give your air conditioning system a professional inspection and tune up at least once a year.
  • Increase the insulation in the walls of your home.
  • Make sure no furniture is blocking functional air vents, and close the ones that aren’t being used.
  • Use energy-saving CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) that give off the same amount of light.
  • Use timers to automatically control your lights, thermostat and water heater whether you’re home or not.
  • Fix the annoying hot water faucet that is constantly dripping.
  • Block the sun from heating up your home with shades, blinds or even planting a tree close to your home.
  • Increase your use of your low-energy microwaves and toaster ovens to heat up food.
  • Increase your use of ceiling fans that require less electricity than AC units.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer full so it uses less energy to keep cool.
  • Wash your clothes and dishes with cold water to save on heating costs.
  • Use power strips to turn off several electronics at once when not in use.
  • Hurry up in the shower!

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