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Landscape Lighting Installation

Are you tired of sockets burning up and replacing bulbs in your landscape light fixtures? Fed up with buying landscape light fixtures only for them to deteriorate in a few years? Wouldn’t it be great to have zero maintenance high-quality landscape lights with a lifetime warranty?

We offer a variety of fixtures from having 10,000 hours, 10 year and lifetime warranties. There are no bulbs to change -if the light goes out it gets replaced. We have been installing landscape lights for many years now and we look for the fixtures that offer only the best quality at a reasonable price.

Benefits of the landscape lights we offer:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Integrated LED bulbs so there is no socket to burn up
  • Completely sealed fixtures to eliminate bugs and dirt from getting inside them
  • Torriodial core stainless steel landscape lighting transformers with a lifetime warranty
  • Non-evasive installation
  • LED lighting that uses up to 75% less wattage than regular bulbs
  • Security

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You may be asking yourself, “Can’t I just install LED bulbs in the fixtures that I already have?” The answer is yes, BUT in most cases, it’s not just a matter of the bulbs burning out but the actual socket the bulbs plug into. So, just because you can install an LED bulb does not mean you should, especially in a case like this. We like to use fixtures with integrated LED light output that completely seal to prevent bugs to get inside them. We have personally had to rebuild many overpriced landscape light fixtures, sure the fixture’s housing will last 100 years and is built well but its the internal connection between the bulb and socket that always goes bad. When we show frustrated homeowners that they can have landscape lighting with a lifetime warranty at a reasonable price and tell them they will never have to change their light bulbs ever again, that is when we build another relationship for life -And that’s our goal.