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GFCI Outlet Installation

In case you weren’t aware, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are electrical devices that lower the chance of electric shock, increasing the overall safety of a residential building. Because of the National Electric Code (NEC), all residential buildings in Palm Beach Gardens are required to have GFCI outlets where running water is located, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Our premier electrical service contractors at Excel Electric provide you with all the GFCI outlet installation services you need. Our licensed staff of electricians give you the highest quality electrical service for GFCI outlets in the South Florida, meaning your family is safer from electrical hazards and completely code compliant.

Features of Our GFCI Outlet Installation Services

Our fully-insured electricians take care of any of your GFCI outlet issues in Palm Beach Gardens. With our updated equipment, we’re able to install GFCI outlets quickly and easily. We also provide regularly-scheduled testing services for them as well. Some of the key features of GFCI outlets are:

  • A 3rd grounding outlet (instead of the normal 2-pronged ones) to get rid of the necessity for grounding adapters.
  • Protection in their locations and the locations of other outlets that run to the same circuit breaker.
  • Ability to cut off electricity if a dangerous electrical changes is detected.

Benefits of Our GFCI Outlet Installation Services

Compared to standard electrical outlets, GFCI outlets are an incredible step up in helping defend your family, and your home, from any electrical disasters. Some of the more significant benefits behind GFCI outlets are:

  • Stopping arcing and electrocution with their electricity flow sensors built-in.
  • Capability to detect ground faults and fend against electrical fires.
  • Minimizing any damage an out-of-control, electrical current may cause to the major appliances in your home.

Call our premier electrical service contractors at Excel Electric with all your GFCI outlet installation needs in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding counties today!