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Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair

Do you have an electrical issue in your home that needs to be repaired?

Have you checked all the GFI reset buttons inside and outside of your home?

In most homes, GFI receptacles are tied in line with other receptacles in different areas of the home, such as the garage receptacles. A lot of times they are connected to the exterior receptacles, and when the exterior receptacles get water intrusion by not being sealed it causes the GFI Push button receptacles to trip. The same holds true with your kitchen. One push button receptacle can control half of the receptacles in your kitchen. So before you spend money to have someone troubleshoot the problem, you should try these simple solutions to try to avoid an unnecessary bill.

Benefits For Choosing Excel Electric To Trouble Shoot and Repair your electrical system:

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Have you checked your panel to see any of the circuit breakers have been tripped?

Breakers in your panel won’t trip because of heat, when a breaker is in the tripped positional it is usually because the circuit has been overloaded, When a circuit gets overloaded it causes the wire to heat up which in turn heats up the breaker, and once the breakers get hot enough it will open the circuit to prevent damage to the electrical circuit

Breakers can trip because:

  • The breaker could be bad
  • The circuit has the improper wire size causing the wire to heat up and trip the circuit breaker
  • The circuit is overloaded, this can happen when you try to plug too many things into one circuit
  • Loose connections, when you have loose connections this causes heat to build up, you see this a lot with dryer receptacles and Range receptacles because they use so much power and over time the heating up and cooling down causes the connections to loosen over a period of time

For example, if you have a 15 amp circuit in your bedroom and you plug in a 12 amp skill saw and a 12 amp blow dryer, that’s 24 amps on a 15 amp circuit. That is one of the reasons the new codes have dedicated circuits for the bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and appliances.

Over the years the demands of a normal home have increased so this is especially a problem with older homes. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, do not change it out to a larger size and don’t keep resetting it. Doing this causes things to burn up. Instead, call a qualified electrician to diagnose why the breaker keeps tripping. Remember, breakers are supposed to trip, but when they do it means something is wrong and it should be fixed immediately.

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