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What Should You Consider Before Ceiling Fan Installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?

April 21, 2016

Ceiling fan installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is absolutely essential if you want improved air circulation in your home. It also provides a cooling alternative to air conditioners, which can increase your energy consumption and result in higher energy bills. You can even run them in conjunction with your air conditioner for better air flow. But if there is anything the team at Excel Electric can recommend, it’s that you should think before you install.

You need to make sure you are installing a ceiling fan that can fit in perfectly with your home. The worst thing you can do during the installation process is rush through it. This will only lead to spending money on a ceiling fan that either cannot fit in your home or cannot adequately meet your cooling needs. The team at Excel Electric is here to help you along the installation process to ensure you are purchasing a ceiling fan that will keep the whole family comfortable.

4 Things to Consider Before Ceiling Fan Installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

We can’t repeat it enough: don’t install just any ceiling fan. Please take the following steps to ensure you’re getting the right ceiling fan for your home:

  1. Look for the Right Motor: The motor is the heart of your ceiling fan and you need one that can do its job right. Without your motor working properly, you can’t get the air you want. Also, in order to ensure the motor does its job properly, make sure the blades of the ceiling fan are at the right angle and pitch. A pitch of 14 degrees is ideal.
  2. Consider Home Style: You also want to make sure you have a ceiling fan that fits in within your home’s aesthetic. For example, if you want your ceiling fan to blend in seamlessly, have the color of your ceiling fan match the color of the ceiling.
  3. Electrical Rewiring: Of course, there is no ceiling fan without electrical wiring, so you need to make sure if you will need any electrical rewiring work done before you install. Usually, the wiring is already in place, but it’s always important to check first.
  4. Keep Blades at a Safe Distance: When the blades of a ceiling fan are spinning, it’s important they remain at a 7 to 9 foot distance off the floor. Safety should always come before anything. Low ceiling fan blades can both interrupt air flow and heighten the risk of personal injury.

Contact Excel Electric today if you want ceiling fan installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and our team of electricians will gladly install one in your home.