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February 5, 2016

5 Upgrades to Consider for Landscape Lighting in Jupiter, FL

Did you know that upgrading the landscape lighting in your Jupiter home not only makes your home safer and more pleasurable, but it also adds value?

Awesome Possibilities with Landscape Lighting in Jupiter

That’s right! So many people fail to appreciate the fact that a well-maintained property uses its surrounding property as an extension of the home. That means it needs to be safe, esthetically pleasing and energy-efficient. Here are some cost-effective upgrades you can easily have done to your landscape lighting.
  1. Motion ... Read More
January 30, 2016

5 Safety Tips From Our Boynton Beach, FL Electrician

As your Boynton Beach electrician, we strongly believe that it’s not only our responsibility to provide you with the very best electrical services, but also to provide you with trustworthy tips and advice. In this blog post, we want to focus on electrical safety in and around the home.

Your Boynton Beach, FL Electrician Is Concerned for Your Safety

When we visit our customers’ homes, we frequently see things that amount to serious electrical ... Read More

January 25, 2016

5 Electrical Upgrades in Jupiter, FL You Should Consider

If your home is in need of a change, then you should definitely consider an electrical upgrade in Jupiter, FL. Safe, high-quality electricity can play a huge role in raising your home value and will help you live a little easier knowing you’re equipped with modern, highly-efficient electrical features. Not to mention, you need reliable lighting that will help you in many different situations including studying, reading a book, cooking dinner, cleaning, and so much more! Best of ... Read More
January 18, 2016

3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Delray Beach Electrician

Looking for a Delray Beach electrician? Well, your first instinct will most likely be to hire the nearest electrician you can find who will promise you the world. However, you need to be a little more considerate than that. All too often, we hear from homeowners who wound up hiring a scam electrical service who performed lower quality electrical work at a higher, unreasonable price. You deserve nothing but the best for your home’s electrical system, and it’s important to ... Read More
January 11, 2016

When Should You Call Us for Generator Repair in Delray Beach, FL?

Are you looking for Generator Repair in Delray Beach, FL? In this electricity-dependent society, both your professional and personal lives rely on electricity to some degree if you like it or not. At work, your office depends on electricity to keep the business running and successful. At home, you and your family use electricity to live clean and comfortable lives. So a loss of electricity would spell disaster in either case. That’s where we come in with just a quick ... Read More
December 31, 2015

3 Reasons to Invest in Portable Generator Installation in Jupiter, FL

Looking for Portable Generator Installation in Jupiter, FL? Just like you shouldn’t wait to buy an umbrella until it rains, you shouldn’t hold off from purchasing a portable generator until it torrentially pours.

A portable generator is a great way to protect your Jupiter, FL home when the unexpected happens. Portable generators provide backup power when your home’s main power source, such as the grid or solar panels is not working.

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December 22, 2015

When Should You Consider Home Rewiring in Boynton Beach, FL?

Are you experiencing less-than-great electricity in your home just as the New Year begins? Well, don’t worry, it’s not a sign of a new millennium. But it is a sign that you may need home rewiring in Boynton Beach! Home rewiring can improve home value, comfort, and above all else, your safety. Excel Electric is here to offer home rewiring in Boynton Beach that can start 2016 off with a bang. We’ll save your home from a total power ... Read More
December 4, 2015

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Portable Generator Installation in Boca Raton, FL

Why spend money this holiday season on a shiny new car or piece of jewelry when you can invest in portable generator installation in Boca Raton, FL? This time of year is well known for homes showing off vibrant interior and exterior lighting, but when your power blows out, it can really put a damper on your festive mood. You need protection year-round that will provide you with working electricity and power for all your home’s appliances. Imagine hosting a ... Read More
November 20, 2015

When Should You Call for Electric Panel Services in Delray Beach, FL?

Upgrading or replacing your electric panel must be done by the best professional service in the Delray Beach area, and that service should be Excel Electric. When you contact us for service, you can expect to be 100% satisfied with our work. Our team of electricians will always give you a free estimate before the work begins and since we’ve worked in the Delray Beach area for years, we know how to make sure your electric panel meets local codes ... Read More
November 17, 2015

What Are the Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection in Boca Raton, FL?

If you’re a responsible homeowner looking to protect your family and your property from every eventuality, you need to get whole home surge protection in Boca Raton, FL.

Why You Need Whole Home Surge Protection in Boca Raton, FL

Most people think of surge protection as something that’s supposed to protect your home from external power surges like lightning strikes. And though this is undoubtedly an important aspect, what’s perhaps even more significant is the fact that most power surges originate ... Read More