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April 21, 2016

What Should You Consider Before Ceiling Fan Installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?

Ceiling fan installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is absolutely essential if you want improved air circulation in your home. It also provides a cooling alternative to air conditioners, which can increase your energy consumption and result in higher energy bills. You can even run them in conjunction with your air conditioner for better air flow. But if there is anything the team at Excel Electric can recommend, it’s that you should think before you install. You need to make sure ... Read More
April 15, 2016

3 Benefits of Chandelier Installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Chandelier installation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL can give any home an elegant look. It can immediately catch the eye of any houseguest and bring life to any dinner party. Plus, how can you deny that it just looks totally cool? It’s comprised of 50-150 pounds of ornate metal and crystal, ready to shed light on any room of your home and give it a brand new glow. Plus, with an extra source of light installed in your home, you ... Read More
April 8, 2016

3 Great Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation in Jupiter, FL

When the temperature starts to rise, cooling your home becomes a frustrating necessity. Many people think that their only options are to run their air conditioner all day and watch their energy bills skyrocket or turn their air conditioner on as low as possible and sweat. Excel Electric wants homeowners to know that they have a third option. They specialize in ceiling fan installation in Jupiter, FL, and they’re here to spread the word that ceiling fans are effective methods ... Read More
March 28, 2016

Ask Our Landscape Lighting Contractor in Jupiter, FL: What are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

If you’re looking for a responsible and affordable way to add lighting to your landscaping, then talk to your landscape lighting contractor in Jupiter, FL!

Advice From Your Landscape Lighting Contractor in Jupiter, FL

Sprucing up your garden with some strategically placed lighting can make your property more beautiful and enjoyable. It can also make it safer, since you’re less likely to trip and fall if you have enough light. Plus, it can deter burglars and other criminals from trying to enter ... Read More
March 18, 2016

3 Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection in Jupiter FL This Spring

With spring on the horizon, many homeowners  are beginning their annual spring cleaning rituals. While basement clean-outs and yard maintenance may be the top priorities for most homeowners this spring, having an electrical inspection in Jupiter, FL should become an top-of-mind activity ever year during your annual clean-out. Below, our electrical professionals at Excel Electric compiled 3 reasons to get an electrical inspection in Jupiter, FL this spring.       

Here are 3 Reasons to Get an ... Read More

March 9, 2016

The Importance of a Code Compliance Inspection from a Residential Electrician in Palm Beach Gardens FL

Choosing a residential electrician in Palm Beach Gardens requires more than finding an experienced professional. You should always be sure the company is code compliant. There are many advantages to a code-compliant inspection, which is not limited to safety and fire prevention. Such an inspection is important because it follows national standards and guidelines, such as:
  • The National Electric Code (NEC): A complete set of requirements for wiring, equipment, and other electrical components in buildings. Reviewed/revised every three years, this code is ... Read More
March 4, 2016

3 Benefits of Residential Landscape Lighting in Jupiter, FL

The key to owning a successful business is first getting customers and clients through the door. You accomplish this through a number of marketing and advertising strategies, but you can’t underestimate the power of your business’s physical appearance. People are attracted to professional-looking, well-kept properties, and the public’s opinion of your storefront will greatly impact your sales and profit. Excel is a certified electrician that specializes in residential landscape lighting in Jupiter, and they have over seven years of experience helping ... Read More
February 22, 2016

When Should You Replace Switches & Outlets in Palm Beach Gardens?

When you’re starting to feel like your current switches & outlets in Palm Beach Gardens have seen better days, it’s time to consider replacement. Installing the latest switches & outlets in your home will greatly enhance electrical performance, giving you full-access to lights and appliances as soon as possible. Your home will shine brightly at the flick of a switch, ensuring better overall safety and improved mood.  Plus, can you manage what life in your home would be like without ... Read More
February 17, 2016

5 Common Indicators You Need Home Rewiring in Jupiter

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your home’s electricity? Then you may want to consider home rewiring in Jupiter! After all, it can be dangerous living with faulty wiring, which may result in electrical fires or constant power outages. You certainly don’t want to put the safety of the members of your household at risk, so it’s best to replace any wiring that may be outdated and prevent you from receiving the best electricity possible. Call Excel Electric today ... Read More
February 13, 2016

When Should You Consider an Electric Panel Upgrade in Jupiter, FL?

If you haven’t had an electrical panel upgrade within the last ten years, consider having a  professional electrician come to your Jupiter home for an assessment. It’s a modern world shouldn’t your electrical panel be too? A lot has changed in the world of technology in the last ten years. People have more televisions in their homes and personal electronics than ever before. More devices means higger demand for power and outlets alike. With an electrical panel upgrade you can increase ... Read More